My Sports Christmas

We live in a society that is decidedly sports-centric. So it is not particularly notable that I consider myself a huge sports fan. You could even argue that it is a decidedly inaccurate portrayal as there are a wide variety of sports … yet I really only intensely follow basketball and football. However, this is my blog … so don’t argue with me.

 (actually, please do – I jest) 

For many sports fans, the pinnacle is when the championship is decided. World Series. Stanley Cup and NBA Finals. CFB Playoffs. March Madness. THE Super Bowl.

I too enjoy most of those events (not really into the Cup unless the Red Wings are playing), but there is one event that stands head and shoulders above them all for me. And not a single trophy will be handed out at its completion. 

It is the NFL Draft. And the 2017 one is approximately 44  hours away from starting. 

I have always been most fascinated by how teams are put together. Don’t get me wrong, I love Xs and Os, and great playmakers making plays on the field. But I just have a weird affinity for how an NFL front office constructs its roster. It’s a perfect marriage of understanding the philosophy and scheme of the coaching staff, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the current roster, navigating the constraints of the salary cap, and balancing the long-term viability of your roster with the opportunity to compete and win the very next season. The crux of this entire enterprise is the Draft. 

The Draft is such a human experience. Despite the months of planning and the acres of data, decisions still must be made, the ramifications of which will linger for years. Teams negotiate with each other in their attempts to maneuver around and get the pieces they want at the appropriate value. Lies and “smokescreens” are spread through the media to help push down players that teams want. Interest in other players is trumped-up falsely in the hopes of enticing other teams to bite early and guaranteeing the players that are coveted fall to them. Teams weigh best player available versus most pressing need on the team. As of this writing, the Cleveland Browns are reportedly still trying to decide whether or not to take the consensus best player in the Draft or to take the best Quarterback in the Draft. Which should they take ? Which is more valuable ? Which is more important ? Are those answers different ?

There are millions of those questions and more that make the Draft totally exciting and quite an experience. It is an exciting time for fans all across the NFL as hope springs eternal as each team heads home on Saturday afternoon with their haul of new young talent in tow. I follow the Draft heavily (but nowhere near as heavily as many in the Draft Community). I break down film, I rank players, I read scouting reports. I check the most accurate sources (re: not mainstream sports media, they are usually very slow or inaccurate)  and get tons of insider info and data about prospects and teams. I make my mock drafts, and then revise them over and over. I know that my mock draft will almost assuredly be very wrong. But it’s still fun to do. It’s an exercise in deduction, and analysis and LOGIC (I knew I would be able to tie that in one of these days just did not think it would be in the first content post). So I will share with you guys my mock draft shortly (in the next 24-36 hours) and see what you think about it. If you are a fellow Draftnik, share yours as well and lets compare. 

I promise this won’t be a sports blog (no I don’t) , but it’s a Nyan blog… And if you know anything about me then you would have been shocked if my first post was about anything other than that. 



(It’s kind of hard to find a witty, but not corny way to end this ….)


Bye .




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