Nyan’s 2022 NFL Mock Draft

Last minute (7:37 PM EST ) … but just in time ! Let’s see how well we read the tea leaves this year ! Jacksonville Jaguars – Travon Walker  The tide has been leaning this way for a while. Took mainstream media a little while but there were some insiders calling this about 3-4 weeksContinue reading “Nyan’s 2022 NFL Mock Draft”

2020 Detroit Lions State of the Roster: Front 7 (Pre-Draft)

Finishing up the State of the Roster Series with a look at the Lions front 7. The guys who control the trenches and affect the quarterback the most. *projected starters in italics *likelihoods are probabilities that they wait until that day to fill that need OFF-BALL LB Jamie Collins Jahlani Tavai Jarrad Davis Christian JonesContinue reading “2020 Detroit Lions State of the Roster: Front 7 (Pre-Draft)”

2020 Detroit Lions State of the Roster: QB and OL(Pre-Draft)

Kicking off my Lions 2020 NFL Draft Preview with the pillars of any offense, the QB and the Offensive Line. We will take a look at the state of the Lions roster, and how they may use the Draft (3 days away!) to improve it. *Projected starters italicized QB Matthew Stafford  Chase Daniel  Roster OutlookContinue reading “2020 Detroit Lions State of the Roster: QB and OL(Pre-Draft)”

GM Hat: Lakeshow

Much is being made over the “predicament” the Lakers find themselves in, regarding how they will construct a team around LeBron James, and the newly acquired Anthony Davis (EDIT: Not anymore !). Thanks to an “accounting error” made by the front office, the Lakers now find themselves in a cap space bind. They now findContinue reading “GM Hat: Lakeshow”

Detroit Pistons 2019 Draft Preview: Wings/Guards

Going to mash these two groups together as there are virtually going to be no realistic options for the Pistons to take at PG at 15. So it’s really just combo guards and wings and a couple of the guys could be classified as either so let’s just smash them all together. Also the PistonsContinue reading “Detroit Pistons 2019 Draft Preview: Wings/Guards”

Detroit Pistons NBA Draft Preview: The Prologue

Mired in mediocrity. That pretty much sums up the current existence of being a Piston fan (a Lion, Tiger, and Red Wing fan too but I digress). Once the excitment of the respective offseason dies down,I’ll wax poetically about how terrible it is to be stuck in that hopeless middle. Too bad to be aContinue reading “Detroit Pistons NBA Draft Preview: The Prologue”

Detroit Pistons 2019 Draft Preview: Centers

*I hate using “positions” as the NBA has grown out of that but it’s easier for this blog’s current purposes to use the archaic labeling systems* The Pistons have worked out a lot of bigs. My secret hope is that this is because they realize they just cannot be paying Andre Drummond 50 million perContinue reading “Detroit Pistons 2019 Draft Preview: Centers”

Lions State of the Roster – 2019 NFL Draft Outlook (Offense)

Time to take a look at the Lions as they get ready for the 2019 NFL Draft. Bob Quinn and company have done a solid job in 2019 Free Agency (more on that in a later post) and are actually in a solid roster position, where they do not have to abjectly reach for need. Continue reading “Lions State of the Roster – 2019 NFL Draft Outlook (Offense)”