Detroit Pistons 2019 Draft Preview: Wings/Guards

Going to mash these two groups together as there are virtually going to be no realistic options for the Pistons to take at PG at 15. So it’s really just combo guards and wings and a couple of the guys could be classified as either so let’s just smash them all together.

Also the Pistons have confounded things a bit by adding the 30th pick in the Draft. Many of the players that I was just OK with or would be annoyed with them taking at 15 would be great at 30. Such is life ! I’ll withold comments on the merit of that deal to get the 30th pick until after the Draft.

I would be ECSTATIC if we took Nickeil Alexander Walker. He is number #1 on my realistic Big Board. NAW is an excellent shooter, an excellent defender, is long and athletic, and has good playmaking skills. His playmaking skills are so good that some folks think he can develop into a PG. While I’m not entirely certain of that, the Pistons could use help at every single thing I mentioned that NAW brings to the table. He till has considerable upside, and yet can help right away.

I would be pleased if we took Kevin Porter Jr. I know, I know. He’s definitely a boom or bust player. But man, the talent he has is Top 5 level. He can shoot, he can drive, he can finish, he can handle, he has the tools to defend. The only issues with him appear to be mentally and if a coach/front office can get him focused, they may have a baby James Harden on their hand.

I would be OK if we took Romeo Langford or Keldon Johnson. Langford is a lot like Nasir Little. Has star potential if he can tighten up his handle and shot. He is a dynamic shot creator and athlete. The Pistons player development track record, though, is … spotty at best. Keldon is the exact opposite to Romeo. I don’t see a lot of big-time upside with him but he comes with an NBA ready made skill set: He can shoot it and he is a strong defender. He lacks the handle and fluidity to become a stud shot creator, but he will have a long career as a 3 and D wing.

I would be annoyed if we took Tyler Herro or Matisse Thybulle. Here’s the thing … I love Thybulle’s game. He’s going to be an elite, elite, elite defender. If we are being honest, I probably won’t be annoyed if we select him. But I would be kind of annoyed by the fit. While reports are that his shooting is back to where it was a couple of years ago, I don’t know if he will be an even an average shooter on this level, and we cannot keep drafting one dimensional guys. Luke Kennard is a solid offensive player, but he will never be a good defender thanks to his slow feet and T-Rex arms. Bruce Brown is a very good defender, but he just cannot shoot. I want us to be more balanced in the guys we throw out there and not be so situational. Herro is also solid but he’s basically just another Luke. Actually, a little worse. We are covered in the “not just a shooter, but wow he can shoot it” department fam.

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