Wut ?

Provocative title ?  Check.

I’m not sure what exactly I’m going to write about on this here blog.  Which is why it took me a while to start it.

Thought about re-hashing my old blog “Triangle Offense”. It was an ode to the offensive system made famous by Phil Jackson and Tex Winters that capitalized on geometric-styled spacing. In the case of my blog, the triangle referenced the three topics that dominated my thoughts at the time: music, sports and some amalgamation of  relationships/sex/dating/courting/Netflix-and-chill.

But then I was like “nah.”

I like writing though. And I like writing about a lot of topics. So I think it would be silly to box myself in as I try to re-invent my narrative presence here on the Internet. So we’ll see what this blog develops into. It’s probably going to be dope.

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