Hey, I’m Nyan (silent N – it’s not difficult). I enjoy the personnel side of football and basketball and the vision, temerity and shrewdness necessary to build and maintain a successful team. I do also enjoy watching (and playing) said sports as well.

My Dream Job is to be an NFL General Manager.

Preferably for the Lions as I would prefer to stay in Detroit ( the best city in the word) and because that would probably be the greatest professional challenge in that entire field of work. I believe in the value and importance of having a decision maker that is logical, practical and can see the big picture. That is thick-skinned and can make the hard decisions. But also one that NEVER sees himself as the smartest guy in the room (I know right, curveball). I think often GMs get weighed down by the hubris of the position. They get overwhelmed by scheme considerations and buoyed by the imagination of their projections. It comes down to picking great players, who have great tape, and have good character. Well …. sometimes average character if their tape is good enough. I’m going to take you all on this journey with me to fulfilling this dream (hopefully before 40). We’re going to learn together and grow together and it will be a blast !

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