NBA Mock Draft 2020

Charlotte Hornets Post-lottery 2020 NBA Mock Draft, Volume 4 - At The Hive

The 2020 NBA Draft is here ! This means it’s the end of Mock Draft season. This is a time when a lot of insiders try to read the tea leaves, wade through the smokescreens and prognosticate the upcoming Draft.

It’s important to know the caveats of my mock, as all mock drafts are not created equal … Points to consider:

*Most Mock drafts either are predictions of what they think teams will do (brave), or predictions of what the writer would do (usually with no consequences in later years) … I’m going to do both ! 

*I usually don’t predict any trades as it’s just too hard to figure out and the wrong one will throw you off. However, in the spirit of the chaos that is 2020 .. Why not ?!! I’m essentially ensuring that my mock will be off, but who’s keeping score ???

* …actually …. I am. This year I’m going to grade my mock along with the 6 (maybe 7, I’m still deciding if one of them is still a reliable insider) others that I actually pay attention to. I’ll do a follow up-post where I grade my mock next to theirs and see if I can hold a candle to them. 

Okay let’s go !!

1. Minnesota Timberwolves 

What I Think They Will Do: B (Big) James Wiseman.  

TRADE ALERT! Minnesota Timberwolves trade this pick + James Johnson to the Charlotte Hornets for #3, #32 and a 2021 first round pick (lottery protected) 

Starting with a trade right off the back ! There have been rumors that the Hornets are considering making the move up, but there are also rumors that the Timberwolves are asking for too much. I think this deal is pretty fair. The Hornets eat the remaining year and $16 million on James Johnson’s contract into their vast cap space. The going rate for such a salary dump is about a first round pick in value. The Hornets then supplement that with a lottery protected 2021 pick (that can convert into 2nd rounders after a few years if the Hornets keep on missing the playoffs) to replace the 2021 pick they will likely be sending to Golden State from the Wiggins trade. And finally they get pick #32 which is almost another 1st. So if you squint really hard, the Timberwolves get approximately 3 first round picks to move down, but for the Hornets it won’t feel like 3 first round picks at all. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you make a deal ! 

As for the pick. The Hornets reportedly covet Wiseman and one can see why with how dreadful their rebounding numbers are. Cody Zeller is a good big that plays solid defense, and sets hard screens and he would be a good vet to mentor Wiseman for a year on the finer aspects of being an NBA big. Wiseman has the highest floor of any of the consensus top 3. But I think people that pigeon hole him as a rim-running, rim protector miss out on his genuine upside as a pick and roll defender, and a floor spacer. I don’t think he has the fluidity that Chris Bosh had, but I can see the comparisons some make to his game and Wiseman is just much, much larger than Bosh was with his 7’6 wingspan. He’s going to rebound and rim protect at a high level, but does possess the upside to average 18-22 ppg, if the rest of his game comes together.  This to me is a home run, and a great precursor to a move to grab Russell Westbrook from the Rockets later in the offseason.

What I Would Do: Ditto. The Hornets need superstar talent. They also need size. They also need a safe pick as they know they cannot blow this pick. The only one of the Top 3 that checks all three boxes is Wiseman. As long as Minnesota is not asking for PJ Washington I do this deal. 

2. Golden State Warriors 

What I Think They Will Do: W (Wing) Anthony Edwards. 

I think the Warriors really want Wiseman here, but they will happily settle for Edwards. Edwards has All-Star level talent with a powerful frame, elite athleticism and length, and the ability to get his shot off at any time. He gives the Dubs the jolt of athleticism they are missing and can fit right on the wing when they move Draymond to the 5 and Wiggins to the 4 for “small-ball”. 

What I Would Do: G (Guard) – LaMelo Ball. I don’t think they will draft Ball here due to cultural fit, but he has a ton of talent and would help provide a playmaker who can let Steph play off the ball, and unlock the full potential of the Warriors offense. Ironically, the Warriors have been linked to every conceivable Top 10 prospect EXCEPT Ball until very recently. It would be hilarious if this was all an elaborate, Inception-level smokescreen to throw us off the trail. Because despite what would appear to be an awesome fit for his passing skills, the Warriors are almost actively looked at as not possible for Ball. But I would take him or G Tyrese Haliburton over Edwards. Edwards has a ton of talent too so I don’t think you can miss taking him. But Ball or Haliburton help the Warriors win right away whereas Edwards may take a few years to realize his potential. 

3. Charlotte Hornets

What I Think They Will Do: G – LaMelo Ball.

TRADE ALERT! Charlotte Hornets trade this pick + #32 and a 2021 first round pick (lottery protected) to the Minnesota Timberwolves for #1 pick and James Johnson. 

I truly believe that the Timberwolves are good with either Ball or Edwards and would take either player. I think they prefer Ball’s upside, but Edwards’ fit. If they stay at #1, I think they take Edwards as he is a better complement to the existing roster. He would provide that athletic pop they need on the wing. However, in moving down, I think the Wolves make their roster all the more interesting. I am fascinated to see how Russell and Ball play off of each other. Russell at least has played off the ball before, but we have not seen Ball operate as anything other than a primary playmaker since he shared the backcourt with his brothers. His feel for the game and instincts lead me to believe he would be fine in those situations. 

With the ball in his hand though, he is a truly special talent. His handle and playmaking ability are off-the-charts, and he makes incredibly advanced reads that 99% of NBA point guards cannot. He does it all with a truly prodigious skill based on instinct that will only grow as he gets older. I think it’s fair to say his passing ability is Jason Kidd/Magic Johnson/LeBron James-esque, and he can dominate without scoring like they did. But he CAN score. I think we get so swept up in his passing talent, that we forget this is a guy that scored 92 points in a high school game. He has to clean up the footwork and mechanics on his jumper, and improve his shot selection. But the touch and the range are elite. His floater package is already lethal and will only get better as he adds weight to his frame. His defense does leave a lot to be desired, but he has the tools and the instincts to at least be an average defender. All that is left is the desire, and that will be up to the coaching staff around him. 

What I Would Do: I think Ball is the most talented player in this draft and I prioritize playmaking over pretty much any other skill. I believe that creating easy shots for yourself and others is the most elite skill an NBA player can have and Ball is better at that than any other player in the draft …… But .. if I’m the T-Wolves I go with G -Tyrese Haliburton here. He’s not quite the playmaker Ball is, but he’s just in the tier after him. But he fits the T-Wolves a bit better with his ability to play off the ball, and his excellent defensive potential. He doesn’t have Ball’s upside but his floor is higher and I think the T-Wolves should hit doubles instead of swinging for the fences when they have their two pillars already in place. 

4. Chicago Bulls 

What I Think They Will Do: G -Tyrese Haliburton

The Bulls have been very difficult to read for many draft analysts. Many people are saying they will draft Deni Avidjia, but I think that’s based on new President Arturas Karnisovas having such extensive experience and connections in the international scouting world. Many assume that this experience will lead him to take Deni, but few are making the connection that this may lead him to NOT take Deni. Often, more information about a prospect can work in the opposite direction in fact, as the player can no longer benefit from mystery and intrigue. Based on the type of players Karnisovas and the braintrust in Denver (his former employer for the past seven years) liked. one can infer they want a player who has positional length, is skilled and is fairly athletic (Michael Porter Jr., Bol Bol, Jerami Grant). The Nuggets did tend to grab international guys at a high rate, but they seemed to lean more towards bigs (Nikola Jokiv, Jusuf Nurkic). I think Avidja very well could be the pick as he fits well on this roster too, particularly with the uncertainty they have at the forward position. Lauri Markannen is a restricted free agent next summer and Otto Porter is an unrestricted one. Advija could slide into one of those spots in 2021-2022. 

However, I’m going Halliburton here. Halli has the length (7 foot wingspan) and the skill as a facilitator and distributor to slide right into Billy Donovan’s rotation. The Bulls desperately need a playmaker as they have 2 big time scorers in the backcourt in Coby White and Zach Lavine, but no one who can make them and the other teammates better.  He’s also a plus defender which neither Lavine or White is, and Donovan has always utilized strong defenders in his lineups (Andre Roberson, Lu Dort). Finally, I think the Bulls’ interesting qualifying offer decisions lead one to think they may be targeting a guard. They extended a QO for Denzel Valentine despite his underwhelming first few years, and yet declined  to do so for Kris Dunn, a defensive juggernaut. Perhaps they believe they can get Dunn for cheaper than his 7.1 million QO ….or they are opening up a spot for a guard to add to the rotation. 

What I Would Do: Ditto. I would trade up for Ball for any combination of lottery protected first round picks that Minnesota or Golden State want. But short of a trade, I think Haliburton fits this roster like a glove so I would make that pick. In all reality, I’m probably wrong here though and the Bulls grab Deni like almost everyone else is predicting lol. 

5.Cleveland Cavaliers  

What I Think They Will Do:  B – Obi Toppin. 

Ah, the Cavs. Look I’ll just get this out the way now and hope it does not come back to haunt me one day if I’m applying to work in a front office with him: I think Koby Altman, based on his current track record, is a bad GM. This is not limited to the Draft. I feel that he got absolutely strong armed by Kyrie Irving despite holding all the leverage, and made a terrible trade with the Boston Celtics. I feel his very large extension given to an aging Kevin Love in the midst of the Cavs rebuilding was a massive, massive mistake, and one that is currently anchoring the team for a couple more years to come. I think hiring John Belein, a 70 year old coach who was already an archaic outlier for modern college basketball, and thinking his approach would translate to the NBA was insane. I think actively trying to re-sign Tristan Thompson, who clearly does not fit the current timeline, is a bit nonsensical unless you have a young big on the roster for him to mentor (no that is not Andre Drummond). I think drafting Darius Garland to play with Collin Sexton ignores roster fit to an almost self-sabotaging degree. It feels like he drafts and moves players based almost solely on what that player can bring on one side of the ball. If you look at all his moves, even Belein, it’s as if he is enamored with offense in an NBA 2K roster construction mindset as opposed to how the real world works. Anyway .. I digress …. 

The Cavs are taking one of Deni Avidja or Obi Toppin. Avidja is probably the better defensive player but I don’t know if he has Toppin’s offensive ability. Most analysts think the Cavs have Avidja ahead of Toppin on their boards. They may be right. But I think Altman is licking his cops to add another all offense, no defense player to this roster and make their historically bad defense even worse. Toppin is indeed a talented offensive player. I think some of the comments about his athleticism are a tad bit over-heated, but he is a great finisher, can run the court and has a functional post game, for all that matters in today’s NBA. He can shoot the 3 and playing with a guard like Garland he will be able to finish a lot of lobs. That being said, Obi is an absolutely awful defender. He’s very high-hipped, and that prevents his athletic ability from manifesting itself as lateral agility. His overall defensive awareness is poor. He also badly needs some lower body strength or he’s going to move around on skates down low when banging with bigs. 

Now I saw Brook Lopez turn from an awful defender into one of the best rim protecting centers in the NBAseemingly overnight, and Toppin does have some shot blocking ability, so anything is possible. I just don’t see the Cavs being that team to teach him the proper defensive fundamentals, to be honest with you. 

What I Would Do: B – Onyeka Okongwu. I would run this pick in SOOOO fast. But I would be shocked to see the Cavs go this way. Why ? Onyeka isn’t a sexy pick. But he’s the best defensive big in the draft and I actually think he’s just as or more athletic than Toppin. He’s not the offensive talent that Toppin is, but he is not a slouch there either, as he has the touch and strength to finish in the paint and developing range on his jumper. The Cavs defense NEEDS Okongwu. Which means Altman almost certainly will not take him lol.  

6. Atlanta Hawks 

What I Think They Will Do: B – Onyeka Okongwu. 

I waffled back and forth here for quite a while and this might be my most uncertain pick. Hawks GM Travis Schlenk is a notorious draft day wheeler and dealer, and I really could see the pick get moved here. I feel like the Spurs, Celtics and Wizards all could move up to this spot. I feel like the Spurs may want to move Derrick White to get up to this spot, as he is due for a big payday next offseason. I could see the Celtics leverage Gordon Hayward and their multitude of picks as well. And finally the Wizards might pull a sign-and-trade rabbit out their hat and send Davis Bertans to Atlanta for a three pick trade-up. The irony is that I think all 3 of those teams want the same guy that I just have Atlanta holding onto here. Okongwu is a defensive force that combined with Capela and Collins in Atlanta, gives the Hawks one of the most athletic frontcourts in basketball. Okongwu can sift through as a key backup behind both bigs and give the Hawks a sturdy three man rotation. I’m leaning towards the Hawks keeping their picks based on intel that they will look to add Hayward or Joe Harris to fill that wing spot, and are pursuing Rajon Rondo for their backup PG spot.  I almost forgot to  mention that the Timberwolves have been angling to trade Jarett Culver + pick 17 for this selection, but I suspect that would only be in play if Haliburton were available, as they are high on him. 

What I Would Do: Ditto. Okongwu would be the best player available, fill a need, and provide insurance both for Capela and Collins. I like it. 

7. Detroit Pistons 

What I Think They Will Do: F – Patrick Williams. 

I like Patrick Williams as a player. He is athletic, long, and has some playmaking chops. He can shoot it some from outside and has touch from the mid-range. He has toughness and defensive awareness, can move well for his size laterally, and has good rim protection skills.  He also has a surprisingly strong off the dribble game, and he’s only 18 years old, the youngest player in the draft. He’s a charcuterie board – rich, varied and elegant. 

Here’s the issue for me. He’s a charcuterie board, being talked up as if he’s a tomahawk steak. He’s jack of all trades, and a master of none. I think he’s going to be a solid player for 10-15 years, but there’s no one trait or skill that stands out to me in his package. He’s a good athlete, but not elite. He’s got good length, but sub 7-feet. He can shoot it, but he’s not a shooter. His playmaking and off the dribble game are promising, but the sample sizes are small. He screams Jeff Green to me. Jeff had/is having a solid career. And maybe for a mid-late lottery pick, expecting more than a Jeff Green career is probably unfair. But these are the types of players GMs fall in love with and keep expecting to go to a level that they just don’t. I think the Kawhi Leonard comparisons are interesting but unlikely. Leonard was a much better athlete and defender at the same stage, although to be fair, Williams is a lot more skilled than Kawhi was at the same point.  

Reading the draft tea leaves though, it seems like almost a full consensus that Williams will be a Piston if he’s still on the board at 7. There’s rumors that the Bulls may take him at 4 or that teams may jump ahead of Detroit to get him, but I don’t think those moves are as likely as him being there at 7. 

What I Would Do: G – Killian Hayes or G – Kira Lewis. I’m really good with either. I love Hayes’ game. His playmaking is right there with Haliburton as second only to Ball and he has an off the dribble shot creation package that is outstanding for a player so young. And Lewis is a blur, who would instantly be one of the fastest players in the NBA, that can shoot it very well and finish downhill. I probably slightly favor Lewis at this point, but I think both have All-Star potential and fill a massive need that the Pistons have not adequately filled since Chauncey Billups. I’m hoping that the Pat Williams stuff is a big smokescreen being orchestrated by Weaver, and squinting through the tea leaves, there are some hints that it is. The vast majority of the Pistons workouts were point guards, and the trading of Bruce Brown for Dzanan Musa hints at opening up some backcourt minutes.  But there’s such an overwhelming consensus for Williams, and he fits the mold of guys Troy Weaver targeted in OKC with Sam Presti. 

8. New York Knicks 

TRADE ALERT! New York Knicks trade this pick + Bobby Portis to the San Antonio Spurs for Demar DeRozan and pick #11

What I Think They Will Do:  F – Deni Avidja

Most people have Avdija going much higher than this. Most have him going 4th and the few that don’t have him going 5th. But I think the idea of Avdija is a little bit more enticing than the actuality. He’s a solid prospect for sure, but I see more Hedo Turkoglu than I do anything else. I see a skilled prospect who can do a lot of different things, yet none of them elite. He’s similar to Patrick Williams in a lot of ways, just with a much more muted athletic package (although he’s a solid athlete on his own). The Spurs were one of the lucky teams to get an Avdija workout and his feel for the game and skill set fits along with the nice young core they have been building. 

As for the trade, DeRozan is a spare part at this point. While a solid mid-range scorer and shot creator, his lack of outside shooting and defense really limit his league-wide value. The Spurs are looking to open up minutes for Lonnie Walker and Keldon Johnson at the 3, and they are able to do so here by getting DeRozan’s deal off the books and moving up in the draft in the process. 

What I Would Do: I’m not sold on avidja like a lot of people are. I just don’t see anything more than a solid starter out of him. I could understand the trade up as getting rid of DeRozan makes sense, but I would target G – Killian Hayes or G – Kira Lewis, or even a wing like Isaac Okoro or Devin Vassell. 

9. Washington Wizards 

What I Think They Will Do: B – Precious Achiuwa. 

The Wizards are desperately hoping for Okongwu to fall to them and on most mocks, this happens. I just don’t see him falling all the way to 9 or the Wizards having the assets to move up and get him earlier. Achiuwa is a nice consolation prize. He is not as polished on either end, but has similar athleticism, and can mimic Okogwu enough as a rim protector and rim-runner. The Wizards badly need an injection of athleticism and rebounding in their front-court. Achiuwa complements the floor spacers they have really well. 

What I Would Do: Ditto. I would probably try to trade back, and grab an asset but Achiuwa fits their roster needs like a glove. I think W – Devin VAssell also makes sense. But they have a lot of young wings and are still committed to Wall as Beal’s sidekick, so it makes sense to supplement the front court. 

10. Phoenix Suns 

TRADE ALERT! Phoenix Suns trade this pick to the Boston Celtics for #14 and #26 

What I Think They Will Do:  W – Isaac Okoro 

The Celtics are desperately trying to trade up in the Draft. I believe their chief target is Ogonkwu. But I’m starting to think that their second target may be Okoro. (they have a thing for Nigerians, maybe ?). I was skeptical because the Celtics worked out a bunch of players, but not Okoro. I also would not be shocked if, post-draft, we find out Okoro had a secret workout with the Celtics. It feels like Gordon Hayward is on his way out the door, and so they will need a replacement for Hayward as that 3rd wing in Brad Stevens offense. They may have it in Romeo Langford, last year’s higher first round pick, but he had a rough year due to injuries. Okoro fits the Danny Ainge prospect mold. He profiles very similarly to both Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown. While he needs help with his shooting consistency, the Celtics have strong confidence in their player development infrastructure related to outside shooting. Both Smart and Brown were similarly non-shooters, and both are now above average 3 point shooters. Okoro’s defense can come in handy when Kemba Walker has a difficult matchup and he and Smart can provide a bull-dog, ball-hawk level of defense for the rotation. 

What I Would Do: They got too many picks and not enough roster spots so I would be working the phones too. Okoro screams Celtics to me too and I have a feeling he would be on a similar development trajectory as Brown and TAtum before long if he ends up here. Ditto. 

11. San Antonio Spurs 

TRADE ALERT! San Antonio Spurs trade this pick + Demar DeRozan to the New York Knicks for Bobby Portis and pick #8

What I Think They Will Do: G – Kilian Hayes

I believe the Knicks are intent on getting their point guard of the future out of this draft. Hayes to me is an All-star level talent who has some major, but correctable flaws. E has no right-hand, is turnover prone, and has some trouble turning the corner against quicker guards. But you can’t teach his vision and play-making skills, and his footwork, craftiness, and length all tend to point towards a kid who could be a high level scorer one day. He also has the defensive chops that a Tom Thibodeau coached team will put to work.. 

What I Would Do: Ditto. I think Killian is a Top 5 player in this draft so getting him at 11 would be a steal. 

12. Sacramento Kings 

What I Think They Will Do: W – Devin Vassell 

No one knows what the Kings will do. They have a new braintrust and it comes from the Morey tree in which analytics will be an important element in what they do. I feel that they will be targeting a wing as they have an interesting collection of backcourt and frontcourt talent, but some questions on the wing. Vassell checks a lot of boxes, is a prototypical 3 and D guy, and has some untapped potential in his game to be explored. His 3 point acumen will be needed as the only core Kings player that projects as an above average shooter is Buddy Hield, and it’s uncertain how much longer he will continue to be a King. 

What I Would Do: Ditto. PRobably. I’m intrigued by adding G- Kira Lewis or G-RJ Hampton to DeAaron Fox, for a dual ball handling backcourt with electric speed. But Vassell checks a lot of boxes for a team that needs to get their culture together. 

13. New Orleans Pelicans 

What I Think They Will Do: F – Saadiq Bey

So this is close. Almost all pundits have the Pelicans taking Lewis. But on almost all of those boards, Bey is picked by San Antonio and not available. I think the Pels really like Lewis and I think he fits with Ingram and Zion and in Stan Van Gundy’s offense. I’m going to go with Bey though. I think hes the perfect long-term complement to both Zion and Ingram, as he can play the 3/4 next to either and provide shooting and defense. And when the Pelicans want to go small with Zion at the 5, he can slide into the 4 and provide the floor spacing necessary for the Pelicans two budding stars to operate. 

What I Would Do: I would probably take G – Kira Lewis here. He’s my sixth ranked player and he fits nicely next to the big, play-making guards the Pelicans have in Nickeil-Alexander Walker and Lonzo Ball. But Bey makes a lot of sense too. 

14. Boston Celtics 

TRADE ALERT! Boston Celtics trade this pick to the Phoenix Suns + #26 for #10 

What I Think They Will Do: G – Kira Lewis 

Kira finally comes off the board here. And before they traded CP3, it was thought that Phoenix was all over Kira. Now, conventional wisdom is that they will grab a wing, but I’m not convinced. Kira is an absolute blur with the ball, and can really shoot it. He would thrive both playing next to and learning from CP3 and can take the regions once Paul hangs it up. Whomever this pick is, it will be a shooter who has some playmaking chops. So G – Tyrell Terry and G – Desmond Bane are also guys I would have in the running for this slot. GM James Jones is not afraid to “reach” for guys he values, and he is pretty transparent in what he is looking for. 

What I Would Do: Kira is my 4th ranked player in this draft and I think will be the steal of the draft. This would be great value and a great opportunity. A resounding Ditto. 

15. Orlando Magic – G RJ Hampton

The Magic love athletic players with length and Hampton provides that. He’s also a home run swing on a team that lacks marquee talent.  

16. Houston Rockets – G Tyrese Maxey

No one really knows what the future holds for the Rockets. What we do know is that it’s likely at least one of their star guards will be moved this year and in any event , both + Eric Gordon are on the wrong side of 30. Maxey has upside as a two way player and can probably guard some 3s if they wanted him to play alongside the other guys. 

17. Minnesota Timberwolves – F Jaden McDaniels 

The Timberwolves don’t really have a true small forward prospect on the roster, and likely will resort to playing with smaller wings at that spot. McDaniels is an upside play at the position. He has all the tools. 

18. Dallas Mavericks – F Aaron Nesmith

I’m hearing that this pick is headed to the Thunder for Danilo Gallinari. Apparently the Thunder are enamored with Nesmith. He is an outstanding 3 point shooter for sure and would be a nice player to pair with Shai Gilgeous Alexander on the perimeter. 

19. Brooklyn Nets – G Tyrell Terry 

I don’t see a team running the Nash/D’Antoni offense passing on a chance to get a guy like Terry who is a dynamic shooter and ball-handler. He’s a bit slight but he could be a lethal scorer if he develops the way I think he may. 

20. Miami Heat – B Jalen Smith 

Smith replaces Meyers Leonard, as their stretch big. Unlike Leonard, Smith can actually protect the rim and has some upside to be a better scorer as well. 

21. Philadelphia – G Cole Anthony

Rumors are abound that they have a promise out to Isaiah Joe. However, I don’t think they take Joe quite this high and still have a high 2nd round pick at their disposal. I think they instead use this pick to grab a scoring point guard that can play off the ball. Anthony makes a ton of sense and I’m sure Doc Rivers has a lot of insight into Cole’s makeup as a former teammate of his dad.

22. Denver Nuggets – B Zeke Nnanji 

The Nuggets may need to replace Mason Plumlee as Nikola Jokic’s backup with a cheaper alternative if they are to retain both Paul Milsap and Jerami Grant without venturing deep into the luxury tax. Nnanji does this and has some of the same athletic pop Plumlee does. He also could probably play with Jokic in some situations. 

23. New York Knicks – G  Immanuel Quickley

I don’t think any mocks I have seen have Quickley pegged for the 1st round. I think the Knicks will target him though. He’s a lethal shooter and can defend his butt off.  

24. New Orleans –  B – Isaiah Stewart 

Stewart has fans around the NBA front offices for being a hard worker and an incredibly strong and sturdy big. He’s the kind of high character worker that makes sense for Griffin to add to help Zion, and he has a decent and developing outside jumper to boot. 

25. Oklahoma City Thunder –  F Alexsej Pokusevski

The Thunder have apparently been in love with “Poku” for a year now. He is the biggest boom-or bust prospect in the draft. 

26 . Boston Celtics (traded to PHX in my mock)  – W Desomnd Bane 

Bane is one of my favorite players in this draft. I think he is the best shooter in the draft, and he plays good defense as well. He is a solid playmaker and can really help a team. The only concerns are his negative wingspan and lateral agility but I really think he will be an NBA pro for 10 years +. He’s that good of a shooter. And getting a 10 year vet this late in the first is a major STEAL. 

27. Utah Jazz – W – Josh Green 

This team needs some defensive help in a hurry. Green helps fill that void, as he is an excellent on-ball defender,  and can become a great 3 and D wing with time. 

28. Oklahoma City Thunder – W  Cassius Stanley

The Thunder love long bouncy wings with a splash of skill. Stanley might have  a little more than a splash, and there are few bouncier than he is.  

29. Toronto Raptors  – G – Theo Maledon

I’m hearing that Jordan Nwora might be the pick here. But I can’t see Masai Ujiri turning down a long, skilled guard with Kyle Lowry getting up there in age, and a Van Vleet return likely but not imminent or guaranteed. 

30. Boston Celtics – G – Peyton Pritchard 

Another “this seems like a Danny Ainge” pick. Pritchard is strong and can shoot it, and has that Celtics edge that they seem to always find in theri picks.

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