Nyan’s Lions Draft Grades

I promise you (no I don’t) that this blog won’t be all about sports. 

But it’s still the afterglow of My Sports Christmas , and everybody else is doing them so – why not ?!? 

A few notes: 

I’m WELL aware that nobody really knows how good these picks or players is. This could be a HOF class or a class that gets several individuals fired. We have NO idea. But do we have any real idea about anything before it actually happens? How many times have teams that looked absolutely stacked faltered when the games were actually played? How many teams that looked terrible on paper were actually competitive ? But picking and prognosticating is what we do as fans. That’s what gets us through the long months between games. I always find it funny how draft grades are shunned, but people love reviewing FA signings which have pretty much the same rate of busting.  

Secondly, I’m also aware that NFL front offices have hordes more information about prospects that are not accessible to the public. NFL teams are REALLY detailed and get a ton of information, not just about your health , but about your personality and study habits. I remember the Raiders and Rams front offices sending questionnaires to my HS football coach (RIP Coach Hill)  and some of the teachers at Renaissance High School about Ronald Bartell (who went on to be the 50th pick of the Draft and after a solid NFL career now owns a delicious restaurant in Detroit – Kuzzo’s – go visit and support black businesses !). So I’m aware that when I grade I don’t have ALL the information. So take it with that grain of salt I guess.

Third, I try to follow the unwritten scouting guide of evaluating at least 3 games of film for a prospect. I will probably only post two games worth of film in my posts though to allow you to make your own judgments. NFL Draft Breakdown is an awesome site for making it so easy to see prospects in game situations and not have to rely on lowlights and highlights.

Fourth, I hate people who act like you can’t evaluate film because you don’t work for a professional or collegiate football team. These people suffer from a logical fallacy known as Authority Bias  . In this age of free information, and Internet access, literally anyone that wants to put the time into learning how to grade film can do so. Now I’m not saying you can become expert level while sitting at your computer. Or that your authority holds more weight than someone employed by an NFL team. But there is certainly enough information about technique, traits, and scheme out there for you to formulate logical, and reasonable opinions on players based on watching film. You don’t have to graduate from Harvard Business school to have an opinion about the stock market. The same holds true for football.

Finally, as you can probably tell, I care a lot about football and take the time to do research and form measured and articulate opinions about such. I would be a scout … except the life of a scout kinda sucks.  I do ask that if you debate with me, at least be accurate. Or attempt to be. Don’t come at me with Madden logic, bro.

P.S. …. don’t attribute something to a “scheme” or  ask that people “trust the process” unless you know and can articulate what that scheme or process is. Please.

Or don’t. It’s the Internet, I can’t reasonably expect anyone to do what I say lol.

I’m going to start with our 3rd round pick and work through the end and then circle back to the first two as they will be part of a larger discussion I want to have with my fellow Lions fans about Bob “B-” Quinn.

 See ya. 

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