2020 Detroit Lions State of the Roster: Secondary (Pre-Draft)

Let’s continue the State of the Roster series by moving to the Defense. Let’s start with the secondary, since that seems to be Quinntricia’s focus in building a defense as opposed to getting pressure on the QB. *projected starters in italics *likelihoods are probabilities that they wait until that day to fill that need CBContinue reading “2020 Detroit Lions State of the Roster: Secondary (Pre-Draft)”


This pick was the first true head scratcher of the day for Bob Quinn and company, in my opinion. Though I may have had some reservations about passing up on a pass rusher with the Ragnow pick, and passing up on Guice with the Johnson pick, I did see Ragnow and Johnson as players whoContinue reading “DETROIT LIONS DRAFT OVERVIEW- #82 OVERALL TRACEY WALKER”