165th Overall – Jamal Agnew

This one will be brief as I scoured the Internet and could not find any real film on Mr. Agnew. The closest I could find is this highlight film. Highlight films are not the best for evaluating a player as, naturally, it only shows a player at his best. However, I suppose it is better than nothing …..


Positives? Well he does look like his 4.34 40 at the combine is legit. He’s fast, twitchy and explosive. It also looks like he is willing to compete at the catch point. His college production ( 11 PBUs, 2 INTs in 2016 and 11 career INTs) backs up that assertion as well. He looks to have decent return skills and some potential use as a gunner due to his speed.

Negatives? Well he is TINY. Short w/ short arms is a bad combo. He obviously will have to play slot at this level. There is none of this on the highlights, but multiple evaluators who have seen his film, say he struggles in the trail position on routes. They also say he can struggle making tackles. To me, that is a red flag, and when combined with a guy who lacks size makes me concerned that he could be a special teams only player.

Honestly, I don’t think Agnew makes our 53- man roster. I don’t have a lot to base that on but Slay, Lawson, Tabor and Hayden are pretty much guaranteed. He would have to beat out Quandre Diggs, and Johnson Bademosi just to make the 53 and that could happen, but it probably won’t. I expect Agnew to end up on the Practice Squad for this year at least unless he proves to be too dynamic a return man in training camp to keep off the roster.

I really can’t fairly grade this. My gut tells me it’s a D pick, undersized guy that, won’t make roster, and won’t contribute. But I have no film to base that off and this is a guy that while small and at a smaller school, does at least have great speed and great college production. I guess I will give it a D+. 

You could probably talk me into a C- though ……

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